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We’re a fractional content team for B2B SaaS that cares about *quality* content — not just ranking for random keywords.

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Most blogs don't generate traffic — let alone customers.

Here's why:

Most agencies

❌ Don’t understand your customers.

❌ Offload your content to writers who don’t understand your industry.

❌ Mass produce low-quality, generic content.

❌ Care about vanity metrics, not revenue.



❌ Lack the time to create quality content.

❌ Need to lead marketing, not write another blog post.

❌ Can’t get caught up in the nuances of being an SEO & social expert.

❌ End up with a “random acts of content” strategy.

We create thought leadership content that ranks for topics mostly likely to convert

Backed by an actual strategy that targets buyer-intent keywords.

We prioritize creating content for topics and keywords your ICP searches for when they’re ready to buy so your content generates a return on investment. You can feel confident that you’re using your budget wisely.

Content strategy that converts
SME Interviews

Co-authored by subject matter experts.

We interview subject matter experts to extract unique insights so your blog is truly valuable to your ICP and not just another piece of content.

Optimized to rank on the first page of Google.

Yes, we optimize each blog post for SEO, but that’s table stakes. We make sure each piece of content is the absolute best on Google so you can rank and be found by your target audience.

SEO optimized blog posts

Like when we...

You don't have to hire another in-house marketer to create content that your ideal customers love.

After the senior-level salary & benefits, your full-time marketer is going to get E-X-P-E-N-S-I-V-E. And the chances are — they’re not going to have time to create content for your blog and socials (and do it right) — on top of the 99 other tasks you expect them to do.

Instead, partner with Stat Digital to:

✅ Optimize your existing blog content so you can rank on the first page of Google ASAP and get quick SEO wins. (We usually see a 2-3X increase in traffic & signups from this within 90 days.)

✅ Develop a content strategy that prioritizes topics and keywords that your ICP searches before they buy.

✅ Interview your in-house experts to extract insights that resonate with your audience. 

✅ Write SEO-optimized blog posts that don’t need a bunch of edits.

✅ Create custom graphics that engage your audience and add originality to your content.

✅ Create lead magnets that capture people who have a need for your product (not random gated content that everyone hates).

✅ Get your message to your audience ASAP by repurposing your blog content into LinkedIn posts that stop your followers from scrolling.

✅ Create monthly newsletters to nurture your audience and stay top-of-mind.

What's it like working with us? Ask Chris from ➡️

We helped rank 10+ high-value pages in the law firm marketing vertical — within a year. The result? $21,367 worth of monthly traffic value.


You’ll work directly with Jacob who reviews all content created by our team of writers and graphic designers. We’re extremely picky with the writers we work with and always have at least one dedicated writer for each client.

We usually create 4 blog posts per month for our clients, which comes out to about 1 per week. We can do more, but we always recommend to start with 4. Quality > quantity.

Yes, we’re currently repurposing our clients’ blog posts into LinkedIn posts (text, carousels, and image posts). We highly recommend this to get your message in front of your target audience as soon as possible.

For clients with a bunch of old blog posts, we usually see increases in traffic & signups within 1 month (but sometimes within days after publishing). 

If you don’t currently have content, it can take up to 4-6 months to see traffic come from Google. If that’s you, we recommend signing up for us to repurpose your new blog posts into LinkedIn posts because that’s the fastest way to get eyeballs on your content (without paid ads).

Not a problem. We’ll source a third-party SME to interview for your content.

Our clients find this invaluable when they’re expanding into new industries.